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Elite: Dangerous Mac client beta underway; collection drones also in the works

Elite: Dangerous Powerplay

Elite: Dangerous developers, Frontier, are about to send their Mac client into the deep dark depths of beta this week. A select few of elite commanders will be able to test drive the give feedback, in an effort to speed it along to a final release state.

For everyone else, there’s some exciting news: Elite: Dangerous is set to be getting Drones. These little AI piloted vessels will perform a variety of tasks at the click of a button, such as scooping cargo or refueling friendly ships. Nifty, right?

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The Mac beta will warp into space sometime this week, but only a small group of players will be granted access at first. If you’re one of the lucky ones, just select the Mac client via the launcher.

In a wider scope, Frontier devs also teased the next major update. “We’re also working on the Powerplay update which is shaping up to be the biggest update so far.” said Frontier on their official forums. “We know you’re all excited to learn the details and there will be a big announcement in around three weeks’ time. I can say that it will include a new method of interaction in the galaxy.”

One of the new implementations will be that of Collection Drones. “Collection drones will be added and will prove useful for pirates needing to gather cargo in a hurry and also to improve mining efficiency.” Frontier explained. “Players will also be able to transfer fuel using the fuel transfer drones so players can act as buddy tankers for each other.”

We’ll have more on the Powerplay update in three weeks time, when Frontier have scheduled to spill the beans on all the details.