Elite: Dangerous Race to Elite winners announced, £13,000 scooped in all

Elite Dangerous Race to Elite winners

Elite: Dangerous creator David Braben has announced the winners of the Race to Elite competition. Developer Frontier started a competition as Elite: Dangerous launched, challenging players to be the first to Elite status in the three areas of trading, exploration, and combat. Each person who was first to Elite in each area would grab £1,000 each. Anyone who could Triple Elite – hitting the top rank in all three areas – would scoop £10,000. 

After three months of gaming, a Triple Elite player has finally emerged. 

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Player Oncepercent has visited 10,342 unique star systems, traded 835,410 tonnes of goods, killed 9,032 pilots, and travelled 180,688 light years. It’s taken him 1,029 hours. For quick maths: if Onepercent started playing on launch day and only hit Triple Elite yesterday, they’d have been playing an average of 10.5 hours a day. That’s dedication right there. The efforts pay off with a £10,000 reward.

In the single Elite categories, Commander Lordkee won the trade prize with 834,353 tonnes of goods shifted (302 tonnes of that on the black market. Commander Tequila look the exploration prize for 7,697 unique star systems explored and 190,000 light years travelled. Commander Fromtonrouge hit Elite combat status with 8,567 kills. Each bagged £1,000 each.

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