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Frontier explain the destruction of an Elite player’s ship: space cats did it

Elite Dangerous

Forget the Thargoids, the real threat in Elite Dangerous is apparently a roaming pack of space cats capable of destroying players’ ships. An email from Elite’s customer support posted to Reddit suggests that the interstellar felines were responsible for a fatal collision that destroyed a user’s ship while they were AFK.

A wise man fears the space cats, but the Thargoids are another of Elite Dangerous’ horror stories.

According to the unfortunate player, they were playing in solo when their ship was destroyed. They say they took off from a planet, made sure they were free of its gravitational pull, and went to get a drink. When they got back, their ship had been destroyed, so they emailed customer support to find out what had happened.

Weirdly, support wasn’t sure either. Apparently the system clocked a collision, but it didn’t say what with. With nothing more to go on, the blame was placed squarely on the shoulders of “space cats.” The powerful moggies didn’t suffer from the event, as the ship was apparently more fragile.

As it happens, this isn’t the first time cats have featured in Elite. There’s actually a Church of The Space Cat, which is divided up into four smaller sects, one of which, The Order of the Firecat, is particularly violent, and could very easily have been responsible for this shocking act of violence.