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An Elite Dangerous player drew a Thargoid ship on their calculator

thargoid calculator drawing

There’s no denying scientific calculators are incredibly useful. You can use them to add, multiply, do that thing where you figure out how big a triangle is or something, errr. You know what, it’s been a long time since I had to use one of those things, but one Elite Dangerous player is so handy with his TI-84 calculator that he can use it to draw scenes from Frontier’s space game.

Elite Dangerous’ players are still figuring out how to defeat the Thargoids, Elite’s ‘horror story’.

In a handful of posts on Reddit, user drewbot02 drew a Thargoid ship based on the design from earlier Elite games. Another ship soon followed, and later requests saw a third post pop up, this time detailing one of the series’ space stations.

It might not quite live up to the artistic standard that Elite Dangerous offers, but it’s impressive nonetheless, even if it’s not exactly what the people at Texas Instruments intended their calculators to be used for.