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Elite Dangerous players have found out how to bait Thargoids with space fruit

Elite Thargoids

Elite Dangerous’ latest Thargoid revelation seems to suggest that they’re not only hierarchical, but also hungry. A post on Reddit seems to suggest that Elite’s biggest bad are more complex than players first thought.

The Thargoids are Elite Dangerous’ horror story.

The post, which went up yesterday, shows one of the most complex Human/Thargoid interactions yet. In a video of the event, which you can watch above, a player comes across a Thargoid ship, which starts to move somewhat ominously towards them.

In a slightly odd move, the player decides to ‘feed’ the Thargoid ship. They jettison a bunch of meta-alloys, which so far seem to have counteracted the effects of Thargoid sensors. These definitely get the attention of the ship, which seems to absorb the meta-alloys, happily chowing down on them for a while.

After a minute or so, however, another, larger Thargoid ship shows up, and seems to admonish the first ship for a while, with a brief exchange occurring between the two. After that, both warp out of the area.

Players seem to think that this could have been one of two things. There’s the possibility that this is a mother/daughter relationship (Thargoids are all female), with the larger ship warning the younger ship against the perils of interacting with humans. Some suggest that this could stem from a fear of contamination, as the Thargoids were previously driven into hiding when humanity developed a bioweapon against them. Another, similar suggestion is that this is a more military relationship, and the larger ship was one of a higher rank than the first ship.

Either way, the Thargoids still pose a significant threat. And while some players have figured out how to fight them, what if they do, in fact, come in peace?