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Elite: Dangerous players have encountered what may well be Thargoids

elite dangerous thargoids

Everyone loves a good old fashioned gaming mystery, Grand Theft Auto has Bigfoot, Battlefield has a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Megalodon hidden away and now it looks like Elite: Dangerous are finally about to meet the Thargoids. The insectoid alien race appeared in previous Elite games, namely Frontier: First Encounters, but have only been hinted at in Elite: Dangerous, up until now that is.

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Elite: Dangerous players have been reporting encounters with unknown probes, which when scanned incapacitate the player’s ship by emitting an electromagnetic pulse. That pulse is followed by a indiscernible crackling sound that’s similar to the noise made by Elite’s  in-game Unknown Artefacts - which they resemble some kind of non-human lifeform and are rumoured to be of an alien origin.

Check out the encounter below.

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Of course, like any dedicated community, Elite: Dangerous players have already encrypted the probe’s pulse, making the below image, that one Redditor has compared to the Voyager’s Golden Record.

Voyager thargoids

Apart from looking colourful and retro, the decoded pulse seems to reveal a planet-shaped object - what exactly that means is hard to say, but Elite players have pointed their speculation straight at the Thargoids.

If it is the Thargoids, they should watch out, as the alien race is considered highly hostile, relentless killing machines - so be careful what you wish for.

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DerBroader71 avatarRancidHeart avatarJordan Forward avatarAnAuldWolf avatarhappytimelogan avatar
AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

I'm always fascinated by the concept of aliens as aggressors. Generally speaking, if a race is intelligent enough to actually make it out into space proper (which we have yet to do!), they're likely at a point where aggression isn't really relevant to their society. They're going to be much more logical than that, and they'll likely even have Super AIs to handle diplomacy and alien contacts for them (see everything Iain M. Banks).

The fascinating thing about human xenophobia though is that we like to make other people evil so that we can justify our hatred of them. As a disabled person in the UK, I'm a weird little alien, too. But my evil is that I steal your taxes, and I'm a drain on your NHS, and I increase the queue position in hospitals that more deservedly belong to you.

So, yes, human xenophobia is fascinating to me! It's like fantasy racism, really. We need to make the people who look "ugly," "weird," and "different" opposite from "normal" people. So you have warty goblins and hulking green orcs. Those people must naturally be evil because they look so detached from the "normal" ideal of a beautiful, perfect human.

Except that humans are aggressive, barbaric, xenophobic monsters who're usually the ones to attack first and never bother to ask questions. Just ask any minority, any disabled person, any gay person who lived through any period before the '90s. Normals are the worst of us, they're basically eugenicists who want everyone to be familiar, to look, act, and behave as they do.

So seeing aliens being aggressive in video games is fascinating to me. It's amusing an it speaks to human nature, it's very telling. We have to make the aliens and the fantasy races bad guys so we don't have to look at how evil we are. Freud would have things to say about this, had he not already given up on the species before he died.

Have you ever really thought about this, though? Look at the UK now with post-Brexit racism crimes. Crimes that have increased tenfold due to racism being normalised. Reports of racist attacks going from 4 to 112 in one week. We're violent, xenophobic nutjobs.

Essentially, we are the thargoids. Except something happened that swapped the brains and bodies of two entire species, so you have human brains in thargoid bodies and vice versa. Makes much more sense.

It really is just so fascinating! Humans are intriguing creatures in how they project.

happytimelogan Avatar
1 Year ago

tltr; but independence day, aliens go from planet to planet after depleting natural resources to survive... and i'm out

DerBroader71 Avatar
1 Year ago

I was under the impression that Thargoids appeared earlier than Frontier: First Encounters. In the original Elite (whatever platform), you could get dumped out of hyperspace (Witchspace?) and you would battle Thargoid ships

Jordan Forward Avatar
1 Year ago

They do appear earlier, you're right, but Frontier was the one that sprung to mind.

RancidHeart Avatar
1 Year ago

I have to go find this thing. That looks like a freaky experience. I'm going to abandon my mission of (ranking up in the federation to buy exclusive items even though I'm part of the Alliance) so I can go find this thing. I personally think it's too soon. I want to land on Earth like planets first. Then the first time to see them could be an invasion (peaceful or not) of the planet you're on.