Elite: Dangerous Wings update to promote co-op space adventures

Elite: Dangerous Wings

Elite: Dangerous is a wondrous space-sim, but it always had one thing sorely missing: proper support for you and your buddies to fly around the Milky Way and do space things together. Well Frontier have answered the galactic call, with update 1.2 – otherwise known as the “Wings” update. Inside are new ships, a new friends and communications UI, and AI groups.

We’ve got a trailer below that demonstrates the new features in action.

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Before the Wings update, partnering up with a wingman was a tough deal. You had to find eachother, land in the same instance as one another, and even then things weren’t smooth sailing. You didn’t share bounty rewards, or mission loot. It was a bit of a clunky mess.

Update 1.2 changes all that though. Now, you can invite your friends into your ‘wing’, which lets them know where you are via a signal beacon. Not only that, but you will also share any bounty or mission rewards split equally amongst each other. Horray!

Also within the update is a couple of new ships: the Fer-de-Lance and the Vulture. The comms interface has seen a dramatic overhaul, for the best, and you can also ‘reboot’ destroyed sub-system modules.

Finally, a new debug camera has been activated to allow for third-person picture snapping. Already we’re seeing some lovely screenshots coming from the new feature – I like this one the best (credit to reddit user Starfire013).