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After seven long years, stunning ant RTS game is finally hitting 1.0

From Manor Lords publisher Hooded Horse, one of the most-wanted and beloved RTS games of the last decade is finally getting a 1.0 release.

Empires of the Undergrowth release date: Insects from Steam RTS game Empires of the Undergrowth

Command and Conquer is and always will be the supreme ruler of the RTS genre. But we can’t hang onto Tiberian Dawn, Red Alert, and Kane’s Wrath forever. New challengers must rise. New spins on real-time strategy must be allowed to flourish. After seven long years in early access, one RTS, from Manor Lords publisher Hooded Horse, looked like it was never going to see the light of a full release. Inventive, imaginative, and ambitious, for a while, it seemed doomed. But now one of the most-wanted and well-loved strategy games is finally getting its 1.0 release.

Originally launched into Steam Early Access all the way back in December 2017, Empires of the Undergrowth, published by Hooded Horse and developed by Slug Disco, is an RTS game but with ants instead of tanks. You build nests, raise armies of soldier bugs, and lead them in a forest-based campaign against hordes of rival insects.

You begin with a queen, then slowly expand to build additional nurseries and hatching centers. You lead your troops using pheromones, with different orders and attack patterns assigned to different scents. In the early stages, it’s your colony versus unimpressive, woodland pests. But soon you’re up against full-grown, adult scorpions.

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Throughout its early access period, Empires of the Undergrowth has attracted almost 10,000 player reviews, 94% of which are positive. New ant units, enemies, maps, and abilities have been introduced over the years. Fittingly, the full 1.0 launch will include a new environment based on the savannah, a new type of ant, the concluding section to the single-player campaign, a new game plus mode, and a range of quality-of-life improvements.

The Empires of the Undergrowth 1.0 release date is confirmed for Friday June 7. Whether you want to buy it now ahead of time, or wait until the day itself, you can get it right here. You should also take a look at its closest rival, another ant-based RTS which we played at this year’s GDC.

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