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Endless Space 2 adds fighters, bombers, and bigger explosions in free Target Locked update

endless space 2 target locked update

Endless Space 2 is getting a whole set of new combat options and additional content in its Target Locked update. It adds some welcome scale to space battles and lets you brush shoulders or cross blasters with intergalactic privateers.

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You can now equip your ships with divisions of fighters and bombers, and watch as your new fleets buzz through enemies like so many laser-equipped bees. Bombers are built to rip apart big ships, while fighters can be deployed on the offense, potentially escorting your bombers, or to defend against incoming enemy squadrons.

The addition of smaller vessels also means new battle tactics to take advantage of them, as well as support modules for your squadrons. You can also embark on a new quest to test out that new kit with a pirate raid, and you can enjoy the company of the newly-added privateer hero, Jennifer Rach.

The patch notes also promise “better explosions,” which is always a good thing.

In addition, Endless Space 2 is also seeing a 25% discount through Friday on Steam, bringing the price down to $29.99 / £26.24 / €29.99. We really enjoyed the game when we played it at launch, and the free content updates since have made for some solid reasons to revisit it.