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12-year-old 4X game jumps from 40 players to 40,000 in a single day

Originally launched back in 2012, one forgotten 4X game suddenly has around 95,000% more players, thanks to a sudden, steep Steam discount.

Endless Space Steam 4X game: A space adventurer from Steam 4X game Endless Space

Time passes, new games arrive, player numbers rise and fall. But just because a game is old, doesn’t mean it’s forgotten, and there are plenty of all-time classics that suddenly get a second chance. Originally launched in 2012, a somewhat intimidating 12 years ago, one beloved 4X icon in the vein of Stellaris is experiencing a huge resurgence, as the player count skyrockets from just over 40 to more than 40,000 in one day. Helped along by a sizable Steam discount, if you want to be part of the comeback of the year so far, now’s the time.

Endless Space, by Amplitude, first arrived on Steam all the way back in July 2012. A turn-based, space 4X game in the style of both Stellaris and Distant Worlds, it picked up a ‘mostly positive’ rating from players and favorable comparisons to the best in the genre. Choose a civilization, venture to different star systems, flip between battles and municipal management, and generally explore, exterminate, expand, and exploit in the classic 4X fashion.

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12 years is a long time in gaming and, naturally, Endless Space started to fade from memory. On Tuesday January 13, however, something incredible happened. After Amplitude launched a huge 80% discount for Endless Space Definitive Edition, which contains the base game and all the DLCs, its Steam player count jumped from 43 to a new all-time record of 41,263. The numbers are a little eye crossing, but that’s an increase of precisely 95,860%.

Endless Space Steam 4X game player count: The Steam player count for 4X game Endless Space

And it’s still going strong, As of this writing, outside of peak hours, Endless Space has 19,444 concurrent players. If you’ve never played it before, or want to give it another shot, you can get Endless Space Definitive Edition for $1.59 / £1.99 right here.

Endless Space isn’t the only classic Amplitude game to suddenly surge in popularity. The player count for Endless Legend, from 2014, has also shot through the roof, after Amplitude marked its anniversary by giving away free copies.

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