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Forgotten 4X game from 2014 suddenly gets 1,400% more players

Online games have their ups and downs, but Endless Legend takes the cake, as the 2014 4x has gained nearly 50,000 players in a single day.

Endless Legend Steam keys: A character with glowing eyes from 4X game Endless Legend

Remember Endless Legend? A few hundred players certainly do, or at least did, because that’s how many were playing the game this Thursday. Now, the number of people playing this 2014 4X legend has skyrocketed to a ridiculous 50,000.

I wonder what went through the heads of the Endless Legend developers when they glanced at their game’s stats. The day before they’d been dealing with 700-or-so players in the classic 4X game, but as of today, Friday January 19, there are suddenly nearly 50,000 players – just a teensy, weensy spike.

On Thursday Janaury 18, Endless Legend peaked at 3,600 concurrent players on Steam. As of this writing, a day later, it has a new all-time record of 56,828, representing a huge 1,478% jump. Not bad at all.

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How is this happened? Well, in celebration of developer Amplitude’s 13th anniversary, the studio is giving away free Endless Legend Steam keys. Snag a key and the game is yours to keep on Steam, forever.

Should you claim your copy? Absolutely. We this classic a 9 out 10 in our own Endless Legend review. And if you’re a fan of fantasy, empire building or both, it’s absolutely for you.

You’re tasked with saving your home world of Auriga, which is already teetering on the brink of the doom. But, for a change, it’s not that there’s some evil overlord crushing the world in his grasp, not so far as you know.

Instead, an unknown apocalypse has left the planet in the grip of increasingly harsh winters. Extinction is knocking and, as one of eight factions, it’s up to you to slam the door on its foot.

Endless Legend Steam keys: The Endless Legend Steam player count for the 4X game

Endless Legend is free while keys last. You’ll have to create an Amplitude account and link it to your Steam account, but that’s not much to ask for hours and hours of 4x fun. All you have to do is head right here and Endless Legend is yours to keep.

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