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One of the biggest free FPS games is finally coming to Steam

Boasting tens of thousands of players and a unique take on WW2 multiplayer, one of the biggest free FPS games is finally coming to Steam.

Enlisted Steam release: A soldier in military gear from free FPS game Enlisted

Between Battlefield V, Hell Let Loose, and War Thunder, there are plenty of great WW2 shooters available right now. Likewise, if you want a solid, free FPS, there’s Team Fortress 2, Destiny 2, Counter-Strike 2, and more. Nevertheless, there’s one alternative that puts a smart spin on the entire multiplayer shooter genre. Loud, large-scale, and available to play for absolutely nothing, if you haven’t played it yet, one of the most unique WW2 FPS games is finally coming to Steam.

This is Enlisted, a military shooter and free FPS game with a twist. On the surface, it has a lot in common with Hell Let Loose and Battlefield – huge maps, scattered objectives, and a range of different vehicles including tanks, fighter planes, and bombers. There are 16 different soldier classes and you can even build gun emplacements and fortifications to create impromptu bases. Maps are based on some of the most famous locations from the war, including Normany, Stalingrad, and the Pacific Islands. What makes Enlisted unique, however, is its squad system.

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Every player has a small team of AI soldiers at their command. If you charge into battle, your comrades will come with you. If you drop back, they’ll follow. Issue them orders, deploy them tactically, and they can help you survive skirmishes where you’d otherwise be killed. Remember that incredible opening mission from Battlefield 1, where every time you got shot, you jumped into the body of another soldier? Enlisted works the same way. If you die, you take over one of your living AI teammates. Your game isn’t over until your whole squad is wiped out.

Though it’s managed to accrue a daily player count in the tens of thousands, until now, Enlisted was only available through a dedicated client. In the first quarter of 2024, however, Enlisted will finally arrive on Steam, under the new name Enlisted: Reinforced. The shooter will still be available from its own dedicated site however, and after 30 days on Valve’s store, existing players will be able to transfer all their current progress to their Steam account, if they choose. If you’ve tried some of the best free shooters around and want something new, Enlisted is perfect.

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