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Soulslike releasing same day as Elden Ring DLC moves “suicidal” launch

Soulslike Enotria The Last Song had the exact same release date as Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree, so it's being delayed to avoid a clash.

Any game coming up against Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree later this year is going to have a tough time, especially if it’s a fellow soulslike. Launching on the exact same day as that DLC would be self-destructive, so imagine revealing your soulslike’s release date mere days before FromSoftware, only to find you picked the same spot on the calendar. This is exactly what happened to Enotria: The Last Song, so the team is wisely delaying its own game to get out of Elden Ring’s way.

Talk about unlucky timing. Enotria: The Last Song is a soulslike game that announced its Friday June 21 launch on February 18, a mere three days before FromSoftware would finally reveal the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree release date.

You can’t compete with that, and Enotria developer Jyamma Games knows it. This is why Enotria’s release date has been delayed.

“I wanted to thank all the gamers and content creators who supported us during the launch of our latest trailer,” Jyamma Games CEO Giacomo Greco writes on Discord. “We are perfectly aware that release on the same day as Elden Ring for us, as for any other game, would be suicidal.”

Enotria The Last Song Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree: a Discord message about the Enotria delay

“For this reason, we were ready immediately to be able to take different paths and possibly postpone the game. On [March 21], during the Future Game Show, we will release our gameplay trailer, and on that occasion, we will also let you know the new release date of our title. We will also have another big news to communicate to you on [March 21], so we ask you to be patient and to continue to follow and support us.”

Set in a sun-lit and Italian folklore-inspired world, Enotria does look great, to give it credit. With Lords of the Fallen and Lies of P going for a much darker tone, Enotria’s bright and colorful world already sets it apart from the rest of the genre.

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In typical soulsike fashion though, you’re the bizarrely named Maskless One, and you’ll need to fight the Authors, who have trapped the world in an eternal play. Taking your opponents’ masks will allow you to don different playstyles.

There’s also a spiderweb-like skill tree that lets you slot different abilities into your masks for even more build variety, with three loadouts available on the go to stop you from constantly needing to respec your stats. You can wishlist Enotria on Steam right now.

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