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How to craft a Glider in Enshrouded

It's tough to get around on foot in Enshrouded, what with the near-constant threat around every corner, so here’s how to craft a glider.

How do you craft a Glider in Enshrouded? There are few ways to traverse the dangerous Shroud in Enshrouded; it’s mainly just putting one foot in from of the other and bashing anything in your eyeline. There is another way, though, and that is the glider. It’s fairly rudimentary, as gliders go, but once you have it, you’ll be able to fall gracefully to your destination.

The Enshrouded release date is upon us, at least for Early Access, and players are already finding the obscurity of the Shroud difficult to traverse. Being able to skip sections of these areas from your starting point, as well as negating any fall damage, is vital if you want to explore everything the crafting game has to offer. Here’s how to craft the Enshrouded glider.

Enshrouded glider: a menu showing the ingredients needed to craft a glider.

How to craft a Glider in Enshrouded

You’ll gain access to the Glider recipe as soon as you build your workbench, but some of the ingredients are potentially a little exotic for that stage of the game. Shroud Wood, for instance, isn’t something that can be found in the regular, non-life-threatening overworld.

The ingredients to craft a Glider are:

  • 8 Shroud Wood
  • 2 Animal Fur
  • 2 String
  • 2 Shroud Spores

Where to find Shroud Wood in Enshrouded

You can harvest Shroud Wood from any tree still left standing in the Shroud. Using an axe is by far the fastest way to cut down trees, and the same goes for Shroud trees, so prepare yourself for a little jaunt into the fog, but just be careful that you don’t get caught out by monsters while you’re cutting.

Now that you have your Enshrouded Glider equipped, you’ll be able to reach locations in record speed, and even avoid the Shroud altogether if you pick a high enough jumping-off point. For more Enshrouded tips, here’s how to repair your weapons and equipment, so you’re never caught short out in the wilderness.