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Enshrouded early access release date

The Enshrouded release date for early access is here, as Steam's most-played Next Fest demo comes out really soon after initial success.

Enshrouded release date: a person stood in steel armor in a dimly lit room

When is the Enshrouded release date? The most-played demo from the Steam Next Fest has an early-access release date. The online survival RPG is a healthy mixture of games like Rust and Elden Ring, and after the immense demo success during SNF, it’s coming out really soon.

The Early Access launch will likely be big for the game, as Enshrouded was already the most-played Steam Next Fest demo during the October 2023 edition of the festival. While the Enshrouded demo was in a “pre-defined demo area,” the full Steam Early Access launch will show more of the game. The length of the early-access period also depends on player feedback, but Keen Games says the current goal is to move to a full release within a year.

Enshrouded release date

If you played Enshrouded recently and loved it, you’ll be glad to know that the RPG game comes to Steam Early Access on Wednesday, January 24, 2024.

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Ignore that the trailer says the game is coming on 42/01/42, as that appears to just be an error.

“Enshrouded is a complete experience in regards to the core gameplay elements,” Keen Games says. “However, during the Early Access phase it is planned to improve and add to the gameplay features in accordance with feedback from the community. In addition to that, it is planned to expand the world significantly. This will include new biomes to explore, filled with new enemies and new types of locations.”

Enshrouded has also jumped plenty of places in the Steam global wishlist charts, as it now sits at number 9, while Hades 2, Silksong, The Finals, Manor Lords, and The Day Before still sit at the top.

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