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How to repair your weapons and equipment in Enshrouded

When you brave the deadly wilds, you’ll be relying on your equipment to survive, so here’s how to repair your items in Enshrouded.

How do you repair your weapons and equipment in Enshrouded? It doesn’t take long to realize that nearly anything that moves in Enshrouded wants to kill you. Whether that takes the form of a monstrosity in the Shroud, or simply a wolf looking for its next meal, you need a host of equipment to stand a chance against the dangers of the world; trouble is, the more you use something, the more it degrades, eventually becoming useless. Here’s how to repair your items so you’re never caught short.

The Enshrouded early access release date is here, and the wilds are knocking down your door. The survival game can be brutal, especially if you’re under-prepared for the innumerous foes that wait for you in the Shroud. Even though you can respawn in Enshrouded with your equipment intact, you’ll lose precious resources if you can’t fight your way back, which, believe us, is a huge pain.

Enshrouded repair: a warrior stands at his workbench, ready to repair his equipment.

How to repair Enshrouded weapons and equipment

Your weapons and equipment will automatically be repaired whenever you interact with your workbench and can be repaired out in the open if you manage to find an anvil. Thankfully, Enshrouded is a bit more forgiving than some other survival crafting games, and so long as you can keep on top of repairing your equipment when its durability gets low, you’ll never be without your tools.

Now that you know how to repair your weapons and equipment in Enshrouded, there isn’t anything stopping you from taking down the horrors of the Shroud and discovering the mysteries of the barren land. For more crafting goodness, we have a list of the best crafting games here, and also a list of the best PC games, if you’re after something a bit different.