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Epic Games award Unreal Dev Grants to Deathball remake, Bears Can’t Drift, and a slew of others

bears cant drift unreal dev grant epic games

Back in February Epic announced they’d be giving away $5 million in grant money to projects using the Unreal Engine 4. Last month they gave out the first $139,000 and today they’ve given out another $71,000. 

The winning projects cover everything a game about cart-racing bears to an engine plugin.

Bears Can’t Drift’s an adorable cart racer, in line with likes of Mario Kart and Sonic: All-Stars Racing. It’s already been voted through Steam Greenlight and its developer, Arran Langmead, is fleshing out the proof of concept videos into a full game.

Particularly impressive is that Langmead’s coded the entire game in UE4’s blueprints system, not writing a single line of code himself.

Untold Games have been awarded $16,000 to work on their Kickstarted VR project, Loading Human. You play a man searching the universe for the power to save his father in an Adventure game built form the ground up to take advantage of virtual reality headsets. Have a look at the Kickstarter campaign video to get a better idea of how it all works. It looks stunning.

It’s not all new games, Epic’s given money to Supra Games who are turning their old Unreal Tournament 2004 mod, Deathball, into a fully-fledged UE4 game. I remember playing Deathball years ago, it requires a lot of teamwork but it made for a game that played unlike any other Unreal Tournament mod.

Epic’s also given funds to two other smaller game’s, XING: The Land Beyond and Red Goddess: Inner World, and an engine plugin. You can read about both in Epic’s press release.