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Epic’s going to let you create humans

"Digital humans are the future," folks!

Epic is creating a new Unreal Engine tool to help game creators and 3D artists create realistic digital human models in a lot less time than it would’ve taken in the past. That’s the boring way to lay this out, but MetaHuman Creator looks a whole lot more exciting than that – and this marketing copy is absolutely wild. “Digital humans are the future,” folks!

In the announcement video, MetaHuman basically looks like an especially high-fidelity version of the sort of character creator you’d find in any modern videogame. The difference is that it runs in a browser via cloud streaming, lets you export your creation into Unreal Engine, and even provides the source data in a Maya file for use in other 3D programs.

“Animations created for one MetaHuman will run on other MetaHumans, enabling users to easily reuse a single performance across multiple Unreal Engine characters or projects,” Epic says in a press release. The company is working with a variety of vendors to build support for various animation and performance capture tools, on top of Epic’s own Live Link Face app.

Check out the tool in action below.

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Or let the MetaHumans themselves explain it to you.

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Upcoming PC games are going to look wild, friends.