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Epic's Fortnite starts building up to alpha, while more details start to trickle out

Fortnite alpha

Epic’s free-to-play cooperative shooter, Fortnite, is opening its doors a crack. Players can now sign up for the alpha after answering a handful of questions about themselves, from gaming habits to platform preference. 

We haven’t heard much about the gun-toting, resource-gathering game lately, but more details are expected soon with it being on the cover of Game Informer’s May issue

On top of base construction - the eponymous forts - and character customisation, Game Informer says Fortnite has“ an RPG-like progression system, Diablo-like looting, multiple campaigns of varying lengths, procedurally generated worlds, and the promise of player vs. player battles, Epic is offering plenty of replayability that it hopes will provide the game with a long lifecycle.  

At last year’s PAX East, Epic showed off Fortnite’s construction element, where basic tools and advanced sci-fi doohickeys are used to build fortresses and fortifications. 

“A little over two years ago we introduced Fortnite via a short trailer at the VGAs,” said Epic. “Since then, we’ve been quietly working to make sure Fortnite is a great experience for players. We appreciate all of the interest and questions during that time and have been anxious to tell you more about our plans.”

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Belimawr avatarTim Edwards avatarTenClub avatar
Belimawr Avatar
4 Years ago

how could Epic make a survey ask your favorite franchise and not include Unreal? did they just decided to totally forget about it and brush it aside after it basically made the studio?

guess it's looking like time to give up hope on a good oldschool UT game coming with UE4.

Tim Edwards Avatar
4 Years ago

The lack of a big arena FPS is something I'm a bit sad about, too.

I'm hoping that it's something third party devs can easily and quickly pick up on, given the accessibility of UT4's tools.

Have you tried Loadout, btw?

Belimawr Avatar
4 Years ago

I've tried loadout and it has potential but I miss some of the larger scale matches more so once you got into some of the more insane mods.

my favorite mod of all time still has to be riding the redeemer rocket.

but yeah with UE4 there is a chance someone could make something, but UE3 has been around quite a while now and there wasn't really anything like UT coming out of it. sometime I wish I had the ability and patience to actually be able to attempt it.

TenClub Avatar
4 Years ago

Those were my thoughts exactly. I wonder what made them pick those specific games in the hype meter and hours played meter as well.

Anyway I always hoped that a new UT game would be the poster child for UE4 but that didn't happen. Shame...