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Is Escape from Tarkov Arena free?

The new FPS game takes the realistic EFT formula and adds fast-paced deathmatch-style game modes, but is Escape from Tarkov: Arena free?

Escape from Tarkov Arena: a solider in a cowboy hat watches on as other squads fight.

Is Escape from Tarkov: Arena free? EFT can be quite a daunting prospect for the uninitiated; in theory, it’s a case of infiltrating into an area, looting, killing, and exfiltrating safely. There are AI enemies as well as human players whose objective is seemingly just to ruin your day. It’s a slow-paced affair, and can either be incredibly rewarding, or exceedingly frustrating.

Escape from Tarkov: Arena aims to take that tactical, very deliberate gameplay, and place it into a squad-based arena co-op game. Escape from Tarkov doesn’t appear on any major digital storefront, instead operating solely from its website, but will Escape from Tarkov Arena do the same?

Escape from Tarkov Arena: POV of someone holding a large assault rifle.

Is Escape from Tarkov Arena free?

Escape from Tarkov Arena is free for anyone who owns the Escape from Tarkov Edge of Darkness limited edition. For those who don’t own this version of the game, Escape from Tarkov Arena can be purchased from the EFT website for €37/$40. Additional charges can be applied depending on which region you’re purchasing from.

Escape from Tarkov Arena purchases are region-locked. This, according to the EFT website, does not limit the functionality between regions but instead allows the company to alter the price, and additional charges, on a geographical case-by-case basis.

With the Escape from Tarkov Arena release date likely coming soon, there isn’t a better time to start honing those squad comms, and, obviously, your aim. We have the best multiplayer games, and the best FPS games here, which should help with both.