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New Doom mod turns the FPS classic into a take on Escape From Tarkov

Call of Doom: Tarkov is an upcoming Doom mod that injects Call of Duty and Escape From Tarkov into the original id Software FPS game.

Bizarre new Doom mod turns the FPS classic into Escape From Tarkov: A gloved hand holding a realistic gun and aiming at a cacodemon, from Call of Doom: Tarkov.

It hasn’t been a great week for survival FPS Escape From Tarkov. After announcing a $250 version of the game that provided the only way to play offline, co op PvE, its creators have had to backpedal and apologize to the EFT player base for the stumble. Although Escape From Tarkov shows signs of recovering from its recent misstep, players with a bad taste left in their mouths have plenty of other options to check out in the meantime. Take, for example, an upcoming Doom mod that borrows from Call of Duty and Escape From Tarkov called, naturally enough, Call of Doom: Tarkov.

The problem with Escape From Tarkov, as the mod’s maker has correctly identified, is that it’s not 1993’s Doom. In an effort to correct this problem, Arrowood has added in features from the modern FPS game to split the difference between tactical and classic shooter. Created in homage to the scrapped Doom reboot from earlier in the 2010s, derisively referred to as ‘Call of Doom’ at the time, Arrowood’s own Call of Doom: Tarkov, per its ModDB page, “introduces weapons and ammo from Escape From Tarkov, the greatest game with the most realistic arsenal I know” into a version of Doom.

Call of Doom: Tarkov features “90 realistic firearms,” including under powered and rusted out guns meant to make the player feel vulnerable. Compatibility between guns and ammo types is also left up to the player to recognize and they can only carry what fits in their backpack, having to leave everything else behind.

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Call of Doom: Tarkov launches on May 25 and will be available on its ModDB page here. More information will arrive in the meantime through Arrowood’s YouTube page right here.

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