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New Escape From Tarkov edition prompts backlash over DLC paywall

The Escape From Tarkov Unheard Edition contains a PvE mode with persistent progression, but even Edge of Darkness owners have to pay extra.

Escape From Tarkov Unheard Edition: A soldier from FPS game Escape from Tarkov

The new Escape From Tarkov Unheard Edition has drawn criticism from players of the extraction shooter owing to its PvE co-op mode that features persistent progression. Previously, the Edge of Darkness Edition was the most premium version of the game and promised owners that they would receive “free access to all subsequent DLCs.” The EOD Edition has since been removed from sale, and now, even those Tarkov players who own it will have to pay an additional cost to access the new Unheard PvE mode.

Escape From Tarkov maintains a reputation among FPS games for realism, tension, and tactical play. As part of the latest EFT patch, developer Battlestate Games reveals the new Unheard Edition, which provides purchasers with a unique melee weapon, increased stash size, expanded PMC pockets, and more slots for the in-game flea market. As such, it’s a more comprehensive offering than the Edge of Darkness Edition – previously considered the most premium way to play Tarkov, it provided a comparatively smaller stash upgrade and no unique melee weapons.

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More notably, the Edge of Darkness Edition, which was removed from sale in January, offered owners “free access to all subsequent DLCs.” However, even if you own the Edge of Darkness Edition, if you want access to the new PvE mode with persistent progression, you are required to purchase an upgrade to the Unheard version of Tarkov. The exact price of this upgrade in US dollars is still unclear, but in the European region, the cost is €95 before tax, which converts to precisely $101.88 / £81.45. With tax included, the price in European regions is €118.46, which converts to $127.04 / £101.56.

Tarkov players have voiced criticism regarding the paid-for upgrade. “EFT Unheard Edition should be free to EOD owners,” one player writes on the game’s Reddit page. “They promised everything [would be] free to EOD owners so this should be also.” “I feel like the EOD players should get co-op PvE progression,” another writes. “That seems like DLC. The other stuff, I think, is ambiguous.”

PCGamesN has contacted Battlestate Games regarding the Escape From Tarkov Unheard Edition and will update this story with any comment or statement.

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