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Stellaris publisher has a big new roguelike RPG you can try right now

Paradox Arc, the publisher behind Stellaris Nexus, has a brand-new roguelike RPG with the art of strategy at its core, that you can try now.

Escape The Mad Empire Steam roguelike RPG: A huge robot king from Paradox Arc roguelike Escape The Mad Empire

We are all familiar with the work of Paradox. Over the last two decades, the studio has either published or developed some of the best games on PC, including Stellaris, Crusader Kings, Hearts of Iron, and Cities Skylines 2. Now, Paradox Arc, the spin-off wing that published Stellaris Nexus, is about to launch a new roguelike RPG. Fast, stylish, and tough as nails, the best part is you can try it right now.

Escape The Mad Empire introduces you to a wide array of heroes, composed of different traits, classes and abilities. It is up to you to build your own unique party and combine their skills to reign supreme against your enemies. Your party will be faced with a multitude of challenges and monsters to overcome as you play your way through this Paradox dungeon crawler and roguelike game. The aim is to keep your characters alive, manage your resources, and expand your base.

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Escape The Mad Empire uses a real-time pause system to grant you the power to strategize mid-game, even in the heat of battle. You can use the pause feature to coordinate and combine attacks, and edit and maximize your party’s potential any time you like.

This roguelike demo combines an entertaining blend of fast-paced, all-action RPG gameplay, with the strategic ability to slow things down at your own whim. Escape The Mad Empire presents a fresh twist on the dungeon crawler niche thanks to its advanced tactical capabilities, and it is definitely one to keep an eye on ahead of the game’s full release.

The Paradox-published game is currently in early access and is expected to remain that way for the next year. Developer XperimentalZ says it is keen to involve the player base in the final stages of development to shape the improvements and tweaks before. If you want to get involved, you can find the Escape the Mad Empire demo right here.

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