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eSports pros to appear on CBS’s Elementary as Holmes investigates murder mid-stream

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Anyone who predicted that today’s nerdy eSports players would become tomorrow’s mainstream celebrities can feel vindicated: five professional gamers will make guest appearances on CBS’s detective drama Elementary next month.

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The announcements trickled in via the Twitter feeds ofElementary’s writersand writer/producerJeffrey Paul King. COD playerJordan ‘Jkap’ Kaplan will be joined by his colleague from CS:GO Tarik ‘Tarik’ Celik. Thefighting game community are represented by Street Fighterer Arturo ‘Sabin’ Sanchez,and Smash Bros pros Ryan ‘The Moon’ Coker-Welch and Hendrick ‘DJ Nintendo’ Pilar.

The writers have tweeted about how cool it’s been to learn about the world of eSports, and King in particular seems to be a big fan. Speaking with theScore eSports, he says February’s episode will involve a popular streamer getting murdered mid-broadcast. My bet: he or she gets battered to death with a can of Monster.

“As part of the story, Sherlock and Watson end up at a gaming house,” says King. “We decided it would be a cool nod to the eSports world to use actual professionals as extras in that scene, so we’re using five guys from four different games.”

This isn’t the first time videogames have been featured on Elementary, which to my mind is the best Sherlock Holmes-based drama on TV (1v1 me, Sherlock fans). Last season, the show referenced Atari’s ruinous over-order of the 1982 ET game. It is, however, one of the first times the world of eSports, and certainly its competitors, have been so much the focus of a major network show.

The episode will air on February 19 at 10pm Eastern time on CBS. Viewers in the UK can see it shortly thereafter on Sky Living.