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The best ETS2 mods 2024

Here are the best Euro Truck Simulator 2 mods, such as TruckersMP, ProMods, bus simulator, and new truck, car, and skin mods, all for ETS2 1.47.

ETS2 mods can make it possible to drive around LED-illuminated trucks

Are you looking for a list of the best ETS2 mods? Look no further; PCGamesN has scoured the internet to bring you the definitive list of the most popular, trending Euro Truck Simulator 2 mods. If it’s your fantasy to offer efficient public transportation at a fair price – a far nobler dream than slaying dragons, if you ask us – then we’ve got bus mods and passenger mods. If you simply want to bulk out ETS2’s collection of branded vehicles or refresh their paint jobs, we’ve got skin mods and extra trucks galore, and plenty more besides.

It’s no wonder that Euro Truck Simulator 2 has developed such a rich modding community. Enthusiast gamers who are looking for a particular experience have long been drawn to the best simulation games depicting that experience, and as one of the best truck games on PC, ETS2 is the place to go if you want the simplicity and tranquillity of hauling goods across stunning European landscapes. With such popularity comes an abundance of mods, however, and it can be difficult to know how to navigate the scene. That’s where we come in. Read on for our definitive list of ETS2 mods, and make the game whatever you want it to be.

Here are the best ETS2 mods you can download right now:

ETS2 mods allow you to drive a large black bus

Euro Bus Simulator 2

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is about hauling inert cargo. Euro Bus Simulator 2 is not an official game, but an ETS2 community label for mods that adapt the game for passenger transport. You’ll need to pick up a passenger mod, such as Bristhian [BR]’s on Steam here, and ideally a bus. You can choose from a range of urban stopping buses and long-distance coaches here. You can watch Ansar Gaming install a different passenger and bus terminal mod in the video below, but they seem not to have been updated for version 1.47 yet:

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TruckersMP is a massively multiplayer mod for ETS2, and was in fact the first multiplayer mode for the game, having been released before developer SCS Software added convoy mode. It’s very simply a huge multiplayer sandbox map of Europe, in which you can go trucking simultaneously alongside potentially thousands of other players. To see what we mean, you can check out this amazing live map of TruckersMP to see all those thousands and what they’re getting up to right now, in real time. Shout out to Cyndi905 just leaving the Swansea services. Better yet, TruckersMP servers support mods including the amazing ProMods map expansion (see below). Pick up TruckersMP from the official site here.

ETS2 mods make it possible to drive a grey Nissan GTR around.

ETS2 cars and car mods

You’re a rebel. A nonconformist. The kind of radical free thinker that wants to drive a car in a truck simulator. And why not? ETS2’s Europe is a beautiful place and not everyone wants to do so on a schedule. Thanks to car mods, you can subvert a purpose of Euro Truck Simulator 2 so fundamental that it’s literally there in the title, and enjoy a relaxing drive without the pressure of safely transporting cargo or the hassle of shifting through several dozen gears. Pick your favorite model from this list of car mods and enjoy your grand tour of the continent. May we suggest the Nissan GTR?

ETS2 mods allow you to import a large red truck carrying logs

ETS2 truck mods

ETS2 has a massive inventory of official and licensed trucks, but one dev team can’t recreate literally every single truck in the world. We’re pretty sure the ETS2 modding community can, however (not that we’ve counted). Check out the appropriate category on ETS2.It for thousands of new truck mods, many of them compatible with the latest 1.47 version of the game. In-demand highlights include a suite of Scania mods such as the Scania R380, available here, or the Volvo FH5, available here.

ETS2 mods make it possible to drive a large black truck with neon green skeleton decals

ETS2 skins

If there’s one rule that holds constant across videogames of all genres, in all times and places, it’s that drip matters. Whether you’re pwning n00bz in Fortnite or planning a transcontinental haulage route that achieves multiple on-schedule deliveries at a minimum of operating risk and expense, adding a glow-in-the-dark skeleton to your avatar and/or truck can only improve matters. Get this and a range of other truck skins here, from the abstract to the authentic.

ETS2 mods make it possible to have a more realistic environment

ETS2 graphics and weather mods

Authenticity, relaxation, and natural beauty are some of the biggest reasons that people come to Euro Truck Simulator 2, so it’s no wonder that enhancements to its graphics, lighting, and weather have always been among its most enduringly popular mods. JBX’s graphics mod is one of the longest-running and most widely recommended by the community, and its latest iteration has been tested on versions 1.46-1.47. It adds 105 new high-resolution sky textures, better lighting, and many other tweaks. Pick it up here.

Alternatively, Kass’s dramatically named Realistic Brutal Graphics and Weather, also compatible with 1.47 and with Convoy mode, makes dozens of tweaks to enhance textures, weather conditions, sound effects and much more. You can download it here, as well as checking out all the tweaks plus some helpful comparison images.

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 ETS2 winter and seasonal mods

Weather is not climate, despite what the global warming deniers affect, and if you’d like to fiddle with the atmosphere of your game on a grander scale than rain intensity – not to mention reveling in the beauty of the Alps in wintertime – you want a seasonal mod. Grimes’s Late Autumn/Mild Winter mod is compatible with 1.47 and makes a ton of tweaks to the base game, simulating its eponymous seasonal environment with improved rainy and foggy weather, leafless vegetation, authentically shortened days, and by replacing tons of textures with more appropriate and higher-resolution versions.

For something more extreme, Grimes also has a Frosty Winter mod to simulate the depths of the season, but its 1.47 update is pending. If your Romantic soul finds spring more moving, Grimes’s Spring Graphics and Weather mod is ready to go for 1.47.

ETS2 money mod

Techtips currently has the best-rated unlimited money and XP mod on the ETS2 Steam Workshop. You can check it out here. Use it with caution, however: liberal use may break your profile economy. Back up your main profile, or better yet create a new one for the sole purpose of using this cheat (and it is a cheat). 

ETS2 mods allow you to drive through the snowy mountains of Canada


ProMods is the ultimate map expansion mod for ETS2. Having released its first version in 2013, less than a year after the game itself, it has since grown into a massive all-in-one bundle of mod packs. Altogether these add over 80 new cities and eight completely new countries to the standard map, so you too can live the dream of trucking through Croydon, as well as tweaking and rebuilding some of its core territories such as Germany and Austria. Indeed, so dominant has it become over map expansion mods in general that most third-party mods are built with ProMods compatibility in mind. You can download different releases of the mega mod, including for version 1.47, from the official site, where you’ll also find helpful notes about compatibility and what’s changed in each release.

ETS2 mods allow new maps including sunny havens to be added to the game

ETS2 map mods and expansions

Though the devs have done a fantastic job recreating much of continental Europe in impressive detail, it’d be impossible to map the entire continent on a 1:1 scale and make it playable within ETS2. This, again, has left the modding community with an opportunity to fill a gap. While ProMods is a terrific starting point and damn near a one-stop shop, if it still doesn’t include a part of the world in which you’ve always wanted to truck, there are many more ETS2 maps, map mods, and map expansions out there. These can recreate cities or even whole countries with great care, bolt on to the base game’s map to expand it, or even take you to entirely fictional new worlds, like the gorgeous island of Alfaomega. Check out this list and give them a browse.

If you’ve not picked up the game yet, be sure to check out the ETS2 system requirements to be sure you can run it. If you’re after quality mods for ETS 2’s Transatlantic sequel, check out Curseforge’s directory of American Truck Simulator mods.