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Euro Truck Simulator 2 and ATS are both getting multiplayer mod support

You'll soon be able to enjoy your truck sims with mods in multiplayer

A multiplayer session in American Truck Simulator

SCS Software’s trucking simulators have had robust support from modders for ages, including a massively-multiplayer online mode with TruckersMP. Official multiplayer support came to American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 earlier this year, and while that implementation is quite different than the one modders built, it offers its own key advantages. Soon, those advantages will include support for even more mods.

Mod support for the Convoy multiplayer mode will go live in patch 1.42 for both ETS2 and ATS, and it’s already available for testing in an open beta. As of this update, the server browser will now show you which – if any – mods are required for a given session. If they’re available from the Steam Workshop, you’ll be able to download them directly via an overlay without even needing to exit the game.

“We expect a majority of popular modifications to work from the get-go with this update, however, there may be some compatibility issues with others,” the devs say in the announcement. There are some minor caveats, too – many sound mods will only play for local users, for example, so you won’t be able to impress your friends with your custom truck horns.

The devs previously teased both mod support and bigger player counts coming to Convoy “eventually”, so it’s good to see parts of that effort being fulfilled sooner rather than later.

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