Euro Truck Simulator 2 devs reveal Heart of Russia DLC, coming after Iberia

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is getting Russia - well, a big part of Russia, anyway

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is going to Russia. Well, er, not all of Russia – that’s too big for one DLC pack, after all. Developer SCS Software has announced the Heart of Russia DLC, which will take us to “Moscow, and beyond,” and while the expansion is still very early in development, the studio has provided an extensive visual showcase of the new locations.

“To manage expectations, it’s important to explain our ambition for the project,” the devs say in the announcement, which also features a load of screens. “Russia is so vast that we cannot expect to include the whole country, we do not even dare to cover the whole of the European part in one project. Our current goal is to reach the upper Volga river, but if you know Russian geography, perhaps think of the Oka river rather than the lower parts of Volga or Don.”

The size of the DLC will ultimately be comparable to previous packs. Of course, the delay of the Iberia DLC – now due around April – means that future DLC production is a bit off track, too. The team working on Heart of Russia is still staffing up to its full size, and that means a release date announcement is still likely a long, long way off.

“You already know us well – we release a new map expansion only when we feel that it’s really done, not earlier!”

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