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Europa Universalis IV plots an August release date


The new EU looks an awful lot like the old one – all green-beige jigsaw pieces on a humongous table – but our Rob saw something new in it as early as last November. Apparently, Europa Universalis IV is an RPG where you play a nation. This new trailer shows nothing of the inter-continental exchange in fireballs I’m sure that entails, but does come attached to an important number.

August 13. That’s when it’s out, hot off the curled heels of Paradox Development Studio’s greatest success to date, Crusader Kings II, and its five(!) expansions.

You heard the man. Strike your mounts and seize the steel of history, or words to that effect.

Rob was shipped off to Sweden’s Royal Armory to play Europa Universalis IV with 20 poker-faced games journalists and developers. By the end of the day, he was considering knocking series designer Johan Andersson unconscious rather than cede defeat. It’s that sort of game.

EUIV is available for pre-order for $39.99; for $5 more, you can get the Digital Extreme Edition, which features unit and music DLC. Will you be buying ahead?