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Grand strategy legend embraces the changing face of history in new DLC

Europa Universalis 4's upcoming DLC, Winds of Change, promises to give extra depth to the tumultuous events that helped define history.

Europa Universalis 4 new DLC: A historic figure from Steam grand strategy game Europa Universalis 4

With over ten years of updates, DLC releases, and more, Europa Universalis 4 has become a colossal juggernaut in the grand strategy genre. From releases focusing on the Baltic Sea nations to adding extra flavor to the Ottomon Empire, there’s DLC that encompasses nearly every aspect of the game’s four-hundred-year timeline. Now, it’s expanding even further with the announcement of the upcoming Winds of Change DLC.

As one of the best grand strategy games ever made and with a long legacy of improvements, Europa Universalis 4 has kept its crown at the top of the strategy kingdom intact for nearly 11 years. Unlike many of the pieces of prior DLC released for the game over the years, the newly announced Winds of Change doesn’t target a particular nation or area. Instead it will highlight and reflect some of the more crucial and impactful historical events which occurred throughout this period.

First to be updated are the American nations, with the Aztecs, Maya, and Inca all getting significant changes. The Aztecs will get a new mechanic that promotes warfare and sacrifice, the Mayan nations can be united through new means, and the Incan royal authority will get an overhaul. In addition, should you wish to get your revenge on those Europeans, special content will be included to aid an invasion of the Old World.

The Netherlands and Venice will gain new content and historical flavor highlighting their roles as trading nations. Detailed content revolving around the Dutch Republic, Glorious Revolution, the Venetian Council of Ten, and the Venetian Renaissance are all planned for inclusion.

A screenshot of Asia taken from the Winds of Change DLC for Europa Universalis 4.

Asian nations will also see updates with extra flavor incoming for the Tatar, Mongol, and Moghul Khanates. The waning Timurid Empire will get an expansion, with the option to embrace Persia or return to its nomadic, horse empire roots. In Central Europe, Austria, Hungary, and Bohemia will receive updated trees which will also include the potential for Austria-Hungary to join into a dual monarchy.

Europa Universalis 4’s Winds of Change DLC includes much more from minor mechanic updates to large nation changes, all of which focus around giving players the chance to respond to the major historical events which impacted the rise and fall of empires. There’s also plenty in the DLC to encourage alt-history playthroughs, giving grand strategists plenty to sink their teeth into.

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Europa Universalis 4: Winds of Change will be released on Wednesday, May 8. You can head over to the Steam page right now to add the game to your wishlist or to pre-purchase the DLC pack for $19.99/£16.75.

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