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EU IV video dev diary drops some Common Sense pearls of Paradox wisdom

The province development window

Common Sense might just bring the biggest revolution to Europa Universalis since the release of the original EU IV. There’s a lot packed into this expansion that touches on just about every aspect of governance, politics, economics, and warfare. I am unspeakable excited.

And uncertain! What are all these changes going to mean for my established strategies? What new stuff do I need to be aware of. Fortunately, Paradox have released this ultra-helpful dev diary from project lead Martin Anward.

As Anward keeps talking in this video, I just keep getting more and more excited for this expansion. One of the cool notions he spotlights here is the idea of “government ranks”, the idea that an expanding power will want to level-up its government to meet its increasing responsibilities. So if you start the game as a duchy or minor kingdom, but eventually command entire swathes of Europe, you will have the option of increasing creating a larger, more powerful government. That gets you more prestige and better administration.

Oh man: better subject interactions, parliamentary politics, ways to improve provinces so that you don’t need to endlessly expand for more resources… I need this expansion yesterday.

Not long to wait, though. Common Sense comes out on June 9th.