Europa Universalis 4 is suddenly free to play, but you don’t have long

Europa Universalis 4, the giant strategy game from Cities Skylines 2 team Paradox, is free to play, offering a perfect alternative to Civ 6.

Europa Universalis 4 free to play: A trader from Paradox grand strategy game EU4

Europa Universalis 4 is a giant. A historically dedicated, sweeping grand strategy sim from Crusader Kings and Cities Skylines 2 creator Paradox, ten years since launch, it remains one of the most in-depth and detailed 4X experiences available on PC. Dozens of different civilizations, four centuries of engrossing, fact-based drama, and – perhaps – more intricacy and depth than Age of Empires and Civ 6 combined – EU4 is now suddenly free to play. But if you want to try it out, you don’t have long.

Europa Universalis 4 is a grand strategy game in every sense of the term. Beginning just ahead of the Renaissance, it lets you choose from hundreds of countries and cultures, and guide them through economic development, international trade, war, peace, the growth of industry and science, and the entire turbulent middle centuries of the modern era. If you’re a big Civilization 6 fan, love Age of Empires, and pour your hours into Crusader Kings, EU4 is a must-play.

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And now, Europa Universalis 4 is free to play on Steam – at least for a little while. Until Monday November 13, you can play the entire game totally free of charge. Given the sheer magnitude of EU4, that might not be enough time to take in all its many delights, but it’s also on sale, at 70% off, for the same period – until November 13, you can get Europa Universalis 4 on Steam for $11.99 / £10.49.

There are also deals on EU 4 bundles and most of the Europa Universalis 4 DLC, so if you’ve never tried one of the definitive 4X games, and want a change from Civilization 6 and the like, now is the perfect time.

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