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Europa Universalis 4 is about to get a big new expansion

Europa Universalis 4, up there with Civilization 6, Crusader Kings, and Age of Empires in the best strategy games, is soon getting a big new expansion.

Europa Universalis 4 King of Kings release date: A musketeer takes aim in Paradox grand strategy game EU4

Europa Universalis 4 has some stiff competition these days. Between Civilization 6, Crusader Kings, Age of Empires, and the upcoming Cities Skylines 2, the strategy genre is bursting at the seams right now, and that’s not even counting Ara History Untold and Paradox’s new strat sim Millennia. Nevertheless, EU4 stands out for its depth and historical detail. If you like intricate diplomacy and politics, grand military machinations, and a focus on the defining ages of the distant past, Europa Universalis 4 is still the boss. And it’s about to get even bigger thanks to a new expansion, King of Kings.

Between the best EU4 mods and the most ambitious Europa Universalis 4 DLC, the grand strategy game has all the depth, detail, and dedication to real history that you might ever want. While Paradox already shared some initial details about the next Europa Universalis 4 expansion, we’ve now got a full list of everything that’s coming, as well as a confirmed Europa Universalis King of Kings release date.

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In King of Kings, the center of global power shifts to the non-Ottoman powers between India and the eastern Mediterranean. Persia, Mamluk Egypt, and the latter-day Byzantine Empire are the focus here, with each civilization receiving a variety of new national missions and more. Persia, for example, gets more than 70 new national missions. These will vary depending on your state religion – whether it’s Sunni, Shia, or Zoroastrian. King of Kings also gives Persia new national idea sets, government reforms, estates, and agendas.

The Byzantine Empire gets a similarly hefty expansion, with over 60 new national missions and 50 themed events. Again, there are new government reforms and estate options available, and also a new subject type, the Pronoia. Mamluk Egypt’s additions are slightly smaller, but still sizeable. 30 new national missions are coming, new reforms and estate privileges, and diplomatic options that let you promote the Islamic pilgrimage Hajj and build your economy by exporting grain. You can also change the course of history by choosing to westernize Egypt.

There are also minor changes coming for a variety of other nations, including Armenia and Georgia, Arabia and Yemen, Ardabil, Aq Qoyunlu, and Qara Qoyunlu. The Europa Universalis King of Kings release date is confirmed for Monday, November 6, and it’ll be available for $14.99 / £12.99. You can even go and preorder King of Kings right now.

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