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EU4 multiplayer gets patched, breaks, gets immediately unpatched

The new patch was meant to bring balance to multiplayer, not destroy it

the world map of eu4, showing the various nation states

Yesterday the team at Paradox Tinto, the new internal studio at Paradox Interactive that’s taking charge of EUIV’s development, released a new patch for the strategy game that was attempting to update the multiplayer technology to make it easier to manage going forward.

The desire was to allow the developers to focus more on new features and content, rather than having to maintain the historically inconsistent multiplayer framework. You can read the official patch notes to get an idea as to what was supposed to have been changed. However, barely a day after the 1.30.5 ‘Nakama’ patch was released, it’s now been recalled. It seems not only did the patch end up making multiplayer worse, it is also corrupting ironman saves, among other things.

A post in the EUIV section of the official Paradox forums confirms that the historical grand strategy game has been rolled back to it’s previous version – 1.30.4 – and the developers are working on fixes for the key issues as quickly as possible. While this will prevent more players from experiencing issues, there’s nothing that can be done to preserve saves that have already been corrupted by the new patch.

The official statement from the Paradox team reads:

“The release of the recent Europa Universalis IV update has clearly been a mistake and has damaged a lot of the faith many of you have. We did not expect that this update would corrupt ironman games or significantly affect multiplayer, and clearly it should have gone through much more testing.

a shot of france and europe in eu4, with the french mission tree menu open

We are reverting the Nakama update, so that going forward people will be playing with the version of Europa Universalis IV that was live before this update, 1.30.4.

We cannot, of course, roll back your saved games if you have already had them corrupted by this update. No reversion can undo problems that have already occurred, but can prevent more people from encountering them.

Before we return to the Nakama update, we intend more extensive testing to better identify any additional problems, and will explore the feasibility of a public beta. We apologize for ruining the Europa Universalis IV experience that so many of you have been having.”

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We’ll keep you updated as we hear more with regards to a timeline as to when the ‘Nakama’ update might get reinstated.