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CCP launches a PLEX for GOOD drive in EVE Online to raise money for victims of the Nepal earthquake


In the wake of the tragedy in Nepal, where an earthquake and the subsequent aftershocks took the lives of thousands and destroyed homes and businesses, the EVE Online community petitioned CCP to launch a PLEX for GOOD initiative to help those affected by the disaster. 

The PLEX for GOOD initiative starts today.

“Along with the EVE Online community, CCP have been following the devastating impact of these events, and we were extremely humbled to see support tickets start to flood in and requests begin to appear on the EVE forums and social media sites requesting that we launch a PLEX for GOOD initiative to assist those affected.”

The initiative will run from today and until the end of May 15th.

Here’s how it works: you can donate your PLEX to CCP, and for each PLEX donated during this period, CCP will contribute $15 to the Icelandic Red Cross to help the victims of the Nepal earthquake.

To donate the PLEX to CCP, you’ll can contract one or more PLEX to this PLEX for GOOD character on a 14-day item exchange contract. Contracts will be accepted within 24 hours.

CCP will thank players who donate by gifting them two virtual t-shirts for every PLEX donated. The t-shirts are still being designed, and will be given out in a future release.

This isn’t the first time that CCP and the EVE community have done something like this. Other PLEX for GOOD initiatives have been run to help those affected by natural disasters across the world, raising over $340,000.