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Classic colossal sci-fi MMO revamps the most dangerous part of space

EVE Online has just launched a brand new expansion. Equinox focuses around nullsec and adds a ton of reasons to head into the lawless void.

Classic colossal sci-fi MMO revamps the most dangerous part of space: The new Sovereignty Hub from EVE Online hangs in space.

One of the key aspects of capitalism is that no resource can go unexploited.  Even in lawless areas of space filled with raiders out for your blood in the far future that’s still true. In the latest expansion for EVE Online the notoriously dangerous nullsec zones are being opened up for exploitation, and you and your fellow space-capitalists are all invited.

Since the launch of EVE Online, there’s been a ceaseless jockeying for position and control over star systems by corporations and larger alliances. The grand scale MMORPG encourages this, with frequent skirmishes and even wars breaking out between rival groups of players, reshaping the universe. Nullsec areas, known for their absence of security of any type, have gone largely untouched by these tumultuous galactic going ons. Until now, that is.

The latest Equinox expansion for EVE Online aims to add reasons for you and your corporation to head to null security space. Systems have been overhauled, with their planets now dictating how important they are in a strategic sense. To take advantage of the opportunities available in nullsec, new structures will become available including the orbital skyhook, Metenox moon drill, and sovereignty hub. They will allow you to tap into fresh resources in nullsec and use them to shape the region to your will, unless other corporations have something to say about it.

Of course it’s not all about the macroeconomics of the universe, what if you want a new look for your favorite ship? The new SKINR tool will allow you to change up your craft, with new colors, patterns, and layers available so you can really make a statement when you’re zooming by a starbase.

That’s not all that’s new in Equinox. AIR Daily Goals are being enhanced, there are four new Upwell industrial ships available for capsuleers to grab and fly, carriers can now transport up to 30 subcapitol ships and jump with improved precision, and much more. You can even claim seven days of free Omega game time, by heading to the New Eden Store before Thursday, June 20.

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EVE Online’s latest expansion is out now and you can learn more by heading over to the official Equinox news post for the full details.

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