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EVE Online now has a first-person mode for stargazers

EVE Online now has a first-person mode for stargazers

EVE Online’s striking space vistas can now be viewed from a first-person perspective, giving stargazers an unobstructed look at the universe around them.

EVE Online is a mainstay on our list of the best space games on PC.

The absence of this perspective made sense, given the in-game fiction. EVE’s pilots are not staring out the windows of a cockpit – they’re nestled in a life-supporting pod. But it’s been such a frequently requested feature that CCP have acquiesced and added a beta version of a first-person mode, though without a cockpit.

CCP recommends using the new WSAD control scheme for full effect.

For now, you’ll be able to access the new camera perspective in SiSi, EVE’s test server, and an opt-in beta coming to the regular server next month. It’s also joined by an orbital camera mode, which is quite like the standard one, but with a narrower field of view and a tiny bit of drift, and the tactical camera, which lets you detach the camera and pan around.

First-person looks lovely, but reactions from the community have been mixed.