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Green Man Gaming give away Gun Monkeys, Sanctum and an Eve trial with sign-ups

Green Man Gaming

Gun Monkeys is an underappreciated side-scrolling simian disassembly simulator for two players. Sanctum is first-person tower defence from the people who latterly discovered the joys latent in goat physics. And our world, the so-called ‘real world’, exists only so that Eve Online can host its conventions without bloodshed.

Green Man Gaming is a digital distributor of PC games willing to acquaint you with all three – if only you’ll register an account under their Welcome Pack initiative.

To be eligible you’ll need to register over on the GMG site – and, crucially, opt into their mailing list. Without an email address, they’ll have nowhere to send their codes.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll receive your welcome pack within 24 hours – or 72 if you sign up on the wrong side of a weekend.

The pack is good for Gun Monkeys, Sanctum, an early ‘90s style platformer named Canyon Capers, and 30 days of Eve. You’ll also get four Eve add-on packs designed to ease entry – Colonist, Explorer, Industrialist and Skirmisher – and a 23% off voucher.

Apply your code during the check-out process and click ‘buy now’ to activate the lot. Do you think you might?