CCP want Valkyrie and Eve Online to overlap more, will discuss with community how to do it

Eve Valkyrie Eve Online

There was once a dream of a fully-interconnected universe for Eve Online, spanning multiple games. Unfortunately, with the lack of interest in planet-based shooter Dust 514, it died. Now CCP want to bring it back with Eve Valkyrie, as it transitions to being playable without VR headsets. At the moment this is lore-focused, and CCP are still discussing how the two games should affect one another.

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“The two maps which we’re bringing online with Warzone are strongly part of the Eve universe and are part of the storylines that are going on in Eve Online,” says Andrew Willans, lead game designer. “It’s something we’re very conscious of and we’re looking at in the future on ways to tie it in, in more meaningful ways.”

The actual gameplay angle – fighting a battle in Valkyrie to give your corporation more control in Eve, for example – seems to be mostly hitting the wayside. “In terms of narrative – do events in Valkyrie affect things in Eve Online and vice versa? Hopefully when we have the next big Eve meeting, Eve Vegas, we’ll bring some of those conversations to the Eve community.”

They see the removal of the VR requirement as a big step to getting more players involved, particularly the average Eve player who wants to use mouse and keyboard on a normal monitor. Presumably, the ultimate driver of how much Valkyrie can affect Eve will be the number of people playing.

“It’ll be really interesting, as we have a lot of Eve Online fans who haven’t adopted VR and are looking forward to mouse and keyboard on PC, so it’ll be interesting. It’s something we definitely want to do more of.”