Eve: Valkyrie’s Warzone update will remove the need for VR headsets

EVE: Valkyrie - Warzone

If you’ve had your eye on Eve: Valkyrie, but have been put off by prohibitively expensive VR headsets, then we’ve got some good news for you: come September 26, Eve: Valkyrie will become Eve: Valkyrie – Warzone, and you’ll be able to play it on PC and PS4 without a VR device. 

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CCP announced today that Warzone will allow players on both console and PC to fight alongside each other, regardless of whether they have a VR headset or not. It will launch for $29.99, complete with all the updates the original game has seen since launch. Existing VR players will receive the new version as a free update.

“If you can play first-person shooters, you can pilot one of EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone’s amazing ships,” Andrew Willans, lead game designer at CCP’s Newcastle Studio says. “Not having access to VR hardware will no longer hold gamers back from diving weapons-first into intense and highly competitive space combat with friends. We look forward to seeing the already intense competition between Valkyrie pilots going up a notch, as more players from around the world can join existing pilots for space-dogfighting battles.”

Along with lowering the bar for entry, Warzone introduces new ships, like the Covert class ‘Shadow’, new weapons and a revamped progression system for each ship. Expect a new mode, too: Extraction. Essentially, it’s capture the flag in space with deadly ships fighting over the objective. There are two new maps as well, and more ways to customise your vessels via loot capsules and spoils of war.

Obviously this is great for prospective players who don’t own a headset, but when one of the most notable VR games expands to non-VR, it doesn’t say anything good about the health of this slice of the industry. On the other hand, this could be a smart way to convert people to VR. If they like Warzone, they might consider picking up a headset to see it in a new perspective.