CCP to celebrate 10 years of Fanfest at Fanfest 2014, May 1st – May 3rd

EVE Fanfest 2014

CCP’s annual celebration of the EVE franchise, which now includes EVE Online, Dust 514 and EVE Valkyrie, and its players is going to be a pretty massive one, this year. 

It’s the tenth anniversary of EVE Fanfest, taking place in Reykjavik, Iceland from May 1st until May 3rd. It’s going to be marked by the unveiling of a 16-foot monument with the name of every player’s main character etched into the stone.

CCP is planning a plethora of events, from panels, roundtable discussions, PvP competitions. The highlights for the three day celebration include:

  • The first live demo of EVE Online’s summer expansion and more information about the long-term vision for game.
  • Reveals of what’s next for DUST 514 and a world-first hands-on opportunity with its next major evolution.
  • Exclusive hands-on with an entirely new build of the virtual reality dogfighting game EVE: Valkyrie and details about what’s in store for the game recently announced as an Oculus Rift launch title.
  • A special dedication ceremony for the “Worlds Within a World” monument to EVE players. This unique event, taking place in picturesque Reykjavik Harbor where the monument will be installed, will feature the monument’s creator, Reykjavik city officials and players from around the world.
  • The “Make EVE Real” speaker track returns with visionary scientists outlining how the science fiction portrayed in the EVE Universe might not be that far off from reality. Among the speakers is Dr. Michael Meyer, who will speak about his work as the lead scientist for NASA’s Mars Exploration Program and how the Curiosity rover has changed the way mankind searches for extraterrestrial life.
  • Headlining the legendary convention finale, the “Party at the Top of the World,” are musical acts Z-Trip (US) and FM Belfast (Iceland). Z-Trip returns triumphantly from last year’s massive DJ set and FM Belfast is back again after their killer 2010 performance.
  • Further updates on CCP’s transmedia projects, such as the company’s collaboration with Dark Horse and its partnership with director Baltasar Kormákur on an EVE television series.

If you want to grab a ticket and find out more about the event, you can saunter over here. CCP warns that last year’s event sold out, and given the increased hype surrounding Valkyrie and the fact that this is the 10 year anniversary, it’s likely that the same thing will happen again.