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Eve Odyssey video details expansion’s features via 2001: A Space Odyssey


Eve’s next expansion is due out this Tuesday, 4 June. Considering its wide spread of changes, including a significant reduction in the game’s ice supplies which should encourage a good deal of ship on ship violence, CCP have released a video that gives an overview of the major alterations.

The developer wins double plus points for using the awfully good Portsmouth Sinfonia for the video’s soundtrack.

We’ve broken down the new features in previous posts, paying particular attention to the new private hangars for players, as well as listing the changes in a handy bullet point format (we’re nice like that). But we were too short sighted to score our posts with the Portsmouth Sinfonia, an orchestra with the unusual entrance requirement that you couldn’t be a musician. CCP were not so limited as us.

You also get to see something how the new hacking minigame which is being added to relic sites. Last time I saw it in action it was in a very rudimentary form, essentially you clicked a line of nodes and either succeeded or failed based on dice rolls. The version that will be released with Odyssey should be significantly more involved and under your control, though we’ve been told that it will still be in a basic form, one which CCP plan to expand through the future.

Cheers, Shack News.