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EVE Online player stations to get private hangers and other goodies


EVE’s next expansion, Odyssey, will be bringing extensive changes to the games Player Owned Stations (POS). These stretch from little things like improving the UI to much-wanted features like private hanger bays for corporation members.

The private hangers are something that EVE players have been wanting for yonks and are finally getting added. Hangers will give corp members their own allotment of space in a hanger to store equipment and ships. The benefits of this are that the POS becomes a much more effective staging point for a corporation, it allows communities to centralise their equipment to a region in which they’re active without having to rely on public stations that may be in inconvenient placessurrounded by pirates.

Repackaging modules in POSs is also something coming in the update. It’s a housekeeping feature but a needed one. Currently, modules (anything from mining lasers to shield systems) are bought packaged in crates, when you install them to a ship the item becomes unpackaged. When that happens the module can no longer be stacked. If you had five packaged mining lasers in a stack, once one has been unpacked you can’t stack it with the other four. Say you’ve only got 30 slots in your inventory it’s much more efficient to have one slot of 30 packaged modules than 30 slots of single, unpackaged items. So repackaging will be a great feature for inventory managers.

Strategic Cruisers will be able to be refitted at starbases. Much like this:

So long as you are within the shield bubble of a POS you will now be able to access their command menus. No more of this docking malarkey.

The Starbase UI is also set to receive a spring clean, CCP are porting “the usability features from the probing system over to starbase setup”.

You can read into more depth of all the changes over here.

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