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How EVE Remembers

Above all things, EVE is a community. Eve players are all in the same boat, held together by a common space and a common interest; while they fight and they bicker, and tensions can run high at points, they’re still part of the same universe, and when a tragedy rocks that universe, they all respond. Yesterday, Sean Smith, AKA Vile Rat, in the real world an IT consultant working out of the US embassy in Libya, in the Eve world, a senior member of Goonswarm and part of Eve’s Council of Stellar Management, was killed in Libya. Overnight, EVE paid tribute to him.

There have been eulogies from major members of the EVE space, both from The Mittani, who worked with Smith within the Goonswarm, and from other members of the CSM, of which Smith was a member. Even -A-, the alliance so recently squashed by Goonswarm’s CFC in Delve, have changed the banner on their website, and made an official statement extending their condolences about Smith’s death. 
EVE’s remembrance goes deeper than that. Jita, so recently the target of the ‘Burn Jita’ campaign, and still one of the busiest trade hubs in the entire galaxy, has been littered with cargo containers, slowly spinning in the vacuum. Each one is named in a memorial of Smith, most just stating simply ‘R.I.P Vile Rat’, where others go into more detail. 

Warp Bubbles, deployable spheres used to catch people out of warp and destroy/extort them, were used to create a massive dedication to Smith, with a similar message to the cargo containers, only spread over the course of kilometres in space. Titans were dwarfed by the massive construction, and it was visible even when speeding through the region in warp. 

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