CCP say they want a petition to gauge the interest in EVR. So we made one


The star of Eve Fanfest 2013 was EVR, a 6v6 space shooter that runs on virtual reality headsets like Oculus Rift. It’s the best fit for the technology I’ve seen so far and it was ridiculously good fun. 

Here’s the problem: there are no plans to release the game. When we asked one of the artists working on the game, Andy Robinson, about its release, he explained that it may be that Fanfest “is very possible that this is the only time that you’ll get to play it.” 

So what if fans want it? What if they put together a petition for the game’s release? 

Andy smiled. 

“I’d love to see that.” 

So we’ve gone and made a petition.

You can read my full thoughts on playing Evr but, in short, it’s the closest we’ve come to flying Battlestar Galactica’s Viper’s. The rush of being launched out of a Minmatar carrier’s hanger into a vast black expanse filled with asteroids, floating spaceship wreckage, and enemy fighters coming at you at high speed is unlike anything I’ve experienced in other space shooters.

What I played was the product of only seven weeks work.

The developers, a small group of CCP employees working on the game in their spare time, have already said that “No matter what happens [we’re] going to continue,” Robinson told me. ”It’s a passion for us […] Given more time, we could make this much, much better. And, maybe it never comes out again, maybe it’s at Fanfest 2014 with tons of new ships.”

What this petition calls for is to release EVR to gamers: to make sure it doesn’t get shelved within CCP. Even if it’s just a demo or a proof of concept, we’d love to see CCP release it and see what the community can make of it.

We want to show that there is a desire to play this game outside of the 1,400 people who made it to Eve Fanfest 2013.

Sign it if you want to be space fighter.