PSA: New Playstation 3 Super Slim comes with $30 of Dust 514 content


Kotaku have spotted that the new Playstation 3, 25% smaller and 20% lighter than the Playstation 3 Slim, is going to be coming with $30 of DUST 514 currency if you buy the 250GB model. The price that’s being quoted for that right now is $270. So if you’re an EVE player that’s interested in the free to play shooter from CCP, this could potentially tempt you into grabbing yourself a Playstation 3. 

The DUST 514 servers recently linked up with the EVE, as well as allowing DUST players to join EVE corporations. This is all part of CCP’s effort to join the two games from a fundamental level, so events in one game spill over into the other.

DUST 514 remains in closed beta for the moment. The bundle will be available on September 25th in America, although other territories won’t be getting the 250GB model. If you want access outside of America, you’ll have to pony up for beta access by buying it through the store.