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Everquest and Vanguard’s Brad McQuaid Kickstarting his next MMO

Brad McQuaid's new MMO to be Kickstarted

What’s in a name? In the case of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, Brad McQuaid’s next MMO, not a whole bloody lot besides trite fantasy game tropes. Plus it’s going to be tricky to pitch my MMO concept, Olympus: Upward Motion of the Forsaken. Let’s hope the title is the result of all McQuaid and Co’s creative energies being saved for the game itself. 

Internet Deerstalker-wearers uncovered plans for the MMO, and McQuaid took to Twitter to confirm that, yes, he was making a new MMO and he’s planning to take it to Kickstarter, but other than that and a piece of vauge concept art, the Everquest and Vanguard lead designer is staying quiet. 

McQuaid did, however, jump into a forum thread to discuss his past, notably the failure of Vanguard, which – despite its pedigree and ambition – failed to live up to expectations and ended up getting sold to SOE. “You guys need to know that we’ve learned from our mistakes so some discussion may be appropriate,” He said. “If we aren’t honest and we don’t learn from the past, then the past was simply a failure and a defeat. I refuse to look at it that way and we won’t be defeated by the mistakes of the past, because we are going to learn from them and do a better job this time. I’ve learned so much, especially about myself, because of both my successes and my failures.”

“I became extremely arrogant, thinking whatever I touched would turn into gold,” He continues. “And then when things didn’t work out so well on my second try it was really quite a blow to me because I had deluded myself big time. I ended up in a bad place and I never want to be back there again, ever.”

“But also in learning more about myself over the years, I know this is what I want to do for the rest of my life: make MMOs that I and other gamers want to play. It’s just who I am and it’s the only thing that professionally makes me happy.”

McQuaid can’t say much until the Kickstarter launches, but has promised to reveal more in the not to distant future.

Cheers, CVG.