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2023’s best space game reveals big upgrades for its next free update

As we await the arrival of the Everspace 2 Incursions free update for the 2023 space game, developer Rockfish shows off new legendary gear.

Everspace 2 Incursions teases new legendary upgrades for the space game's next free update - A ship fires off twin lasers at a large cruiser, causing it to explode.

Despite the launch of Starfield and big updates to No Man’s Sky, Star Citizen, and Stellaris over the course of last year, 2023’s best space game, and the one that won my heart, was a smaller name. Everspace 2 delivers space combat the way you imagine it in your head – fast, frantic, and furious. Its sense of exploration and loot-driven RPG systems mean it has as much in common with games like Diablo 4 and Last Epoch as it does Bethesda’s interstellar epic, and as we await the next big free update coming in spring, developer Rockfish Games appeases us with a look at some of the legendary gear coming our way for us to upgrade our ship with.

If you haven’t played Everspace 2 yet, its blend of high-speed combat and exploration across handcrafted planets in search of upgrades and resources to further boost your abilities makes for one of the best space games in years. It scratches that itch of finding the perfect item to upgrade your build that makes the likes of Diablo or Borderlands so satisfying, and its arcadey but deep flight systems give you control over how much challenge you want to feel.

Following the launch of its first free update, Everspace 2 Armed and Dangerous, Rockfish is currently hard at work moving the game to Unreal Engine 5 as part of its second free update, Incursions, “as a way to help future-proof the game” so that it can support it “for a long time.” That’s quite a big undertaking, and Rockfish says, “We know you all want this update now, but great things take time.” To help tide us over, then, it shows off some of the new legendary gear we’ll be able to get our hands on in the Incursions update.

Everspace 2 Incursions - A cluster of sticky turrets firing into space.

The Ritual missile launcher delivers a huge salvo of homing explosives that deal increased damage for every additional enemy you target. The Epicenter booster causes your teleporter to detonate a huge shockwave upon use, leaving a trail of wreckage in your wake. The Fields of Mayhem cargo unit lets you become a veritable Vampire Survivors-style force of destruction, creating up to 22 sticky turrets with increased range to unleash bullet hell upon your foes.

The Pestilence sensor boosts the Annihilator Virus warfare device. If its initial target survives the infection period, a second application of the virus will deal a further burst of damage to ensure you finish off your target and help spread the infection even further. Finally, the Hunter’s Fang thermo gun allows the target-seeking turret to track multiple targets at once, with each projectile bouncing between the enemy ships to clean up groups with ease.

As for how you’ll get your hands on these when Everspace 2 Incursions arrives, Rockfish says they’ll have a chance to show up “in endgame rifts, by playing on nightmare difficulty, through new legendary signal decoders, and as part of a new combat challenge feature.” It also hints that “each of the legendaries highlighted in this post provides a different way to handle hordes of enemies – something that might be important in Incursions.”

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That’s of course not all the legendary gear we’ll be getting; there are “plenty more to come,” too – but don’t worry about finding space for them, as you’ll be able to equip an additional piece of legendary gear on all the ships in Incursions, and Rockfish also says “there will be ways to push past that limit” if you’re really resourceful. I can’t wait.

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