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Stellar 2023 space game with Diablo style loot dates big free update

The Everspace 2 Incursions release date has finally been revealed by Rockfish, and we're waiting no time at all for the free update.

Everspace 2 Incursions release date: a man with quaffed brown hair in a space suit

There are a lot of games that try to nail spaceship combat. Starfield, Star Citizen, and Elite Dangerous all come to mind of course, but Rockfish Games’ single-player shooter Everspace 2 should also make that list. The 2023 space game channels galactic combat and combines it with Diablo-style loot drops, and the next big free update aims to make these even more rewarding with new encounters and even better legendary drops. The good news, then? We just got the Everspace 2 Incursions release date, and it’s incredibly soon.

The free Everspace 2 Incursions update will start integrating with the space game after a “rift-related” part of the main game, according to Rockfish. You’ll fight off new ships, destroy beacons, and then be rewarded with a large loot drop with new legendary gear and treasure chests possible for pickup. There are 15 pieces of new legendary gear coming to Everspace 2, in the form of radiant legendaries and reliquaries.

Radiant legendaries will offer up new ways to improve gear in Everspace 2, while exceeding the current power of legendary loot drops found in the game. The current pool of legendaries will be weakened to make room for Radiant drops, but Rockfish already noted that any legendaries you already own when Incursions comes out will be upgraded to Radiants automatically, so your current lot won’t get worse.

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Reliquaries, which are treasure chests you get from completing the new rifts in the Incursions update, will be the only way to acquire the Radiant legendaries in Everspace 2. Once you beat an Incursions event you’ll get them added to your cargo, and you’ll need to finish rifts or invest Tears of the Mad to guarantee a legendary drop to redeem them.

New ways to customize your ship will arrive with the Incursions update too, as “A selection of new ship front, rear, and cockpit modules will be found throughout the DMZ.” Photo mode improvements will also make the feature “easier to use” according to Rockfish, but we don’t quite know what that means yet.

That’s not all though, Everspace 2 will also transfer to Unreal Engine 5 with the free Incursions update later this month, according to the Rockfish blog post. The PC version of Everspace 2 will also get much-requested controller support for PS4 and PS5 controllers, which are an absolute necessity for third-person spaceship combat games, I find.

The Everspace 2 Incursions update is set to go live on Monday April 29 at 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm BST / 7pm CET and at 4am AEDT on April 30.

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