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Everspace 2 hits Kickstarter to give you what you want (unless you want multiplayer)

Rockfish wants "financially invested space-game-savvy" players on board

Everspace is coming back with an extensive open world and a story-driven campaign, and developer Rockfish Games is looking to bring you on board to get the sequel across the finish line. Everspace 2 is now on Kickstarter with a funding goal of €450,000. The campaign is set to close in just over a month, on November 4.

“Everspace has certainly been a commercial success for us, so you might be wondering why we are doing another Kickstarter,” the developers say. The idea is to bring “financially invested space-game-savvy” players and streamers on board early to help shape the game. “While we will control the creative vision and the core pillars of EVERSPACE 2, everything else is up for debate.” (Except multiplayer. There’ll definitely be no multiplayer.)

Kickstarter backers who pay enough to get the full game – currently the €40 tier – will get access to a playable demo later this year. It’s the same demo I played at PAX last month, and it already looked and felt great there. The question is whether those great fundamentals will effectively stretch over a planned 20-hour campaign, but we’ll have to wait to see that answer.

You can check out the Kickstarter itself for further details.

Everspace 2 is set to go through various alphas and betas throughout next year, before hitting early access in September 2020. It’ll spend another year in development from there, before a planned full release in the third quarter of 2021.