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GTA dev’s next game is Fortnite meets Roblox, and signups are live

Everywhere is a sandbox game and creation tool from former GTA and Rockstar president Leslie Benzies, blending Fortnite and Roblox with a first alpha soon.

Everywhere - a person with large, purple hair looks up hopefully.

Everywhere is finally revealed to the world, as the hugely ambitious sandbox world created by Build a Rocket Boy announces its first round of closed alpha tests. The team, built by former Rockstar North president Lesilie Belzies, who oversaw the incredible run of Grand Theft Auto games from three through five, has been teasing its world of near-endless creation for just over a year, and now we finally get a proper look at it.

Everywhere is a vast sandbox game “where you can unleash your imagination and see your creations come to life,” promising players a world where you can “participate in almost infinite activities – or create your own.” You’ll be able to use Build a Rocket Boy’s powerful ‘Arcadia’ creation tool to “build almost anything you can imagine with no code required including games, levels, activities, events, or even your own world.”

“We believe in a future where game creation is put in the hands of players,” Benzies says of the project. “ With Everywhere, we aim to empower anyone to innovate, take risks and build their own worlds, shaped purely by their imagination. We are providing the tools, inspiration and infrastructure and are excited to see how our community will foster the next generation of developers to help grow the Everywhere story.”

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The team is still “just getting started,” but announces that its first round of closed alpha tests are set to begin soon. This initial alpha will take place on PC and by invitation only, but the team promises “further testing programmes in the future.” As someone who loves seeing the incredible things people make in games such as Dreams, Terraria, Fortnite, and Minecraft, I can’t wait to discover what boundless potential Everywhere holds.

You can apply for a chance to join the Everywhere closed alpha test on the game’s website. If that sounds up your street, just head here and click the ‘Apply for the closed alpha’ button to register your interest.

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